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Applications: Nanotherm LC takes the heat out of urban farming

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Case Study: Nanotherm LC - at the heart of Lighthouse LED lighting

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Analysis: Cost and Performance of Thermal Management Solutions for High Power LEDs

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White Paper: High Efficiency UV LED Enabled by Next Generation Substrates

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LIA tests show Nanotherm LC runs up to 47° cooler than competing solutions

Cambridge Nanotherm produces the industry’s most efficient thermal management technology for LED applications and high powered electronics. A patented electro-chemical oxidation (ECO) process creates a super-thin ceramic layer on the surface of aluminium to form a nanoceramic dielectric with ultra-high thermal conductivity.

This nanoceramic dielectric can be applied as thin as 10µm – many times thinner than conventional dielectrics. The combination of the thinnest dielectric layer in the industry with the highest thermal conductivity yields the lowest thermal resistance of any Metal Clad PCB (MCPCB) substrate.



Cambridge Nanotherm offers Six Sigma PCB manufacturing with Elvia PCB Group

Thermal management specialist Cambridge Nanotherm has introduced a Six Sigma PCB fabrication route with partner Elvia PCB Group. Aimed at the most demanding and heavily regulated industries such as aerospace and automotive, applying the Six Sigma process ensures 99.99966% of all...

Cambridge Nanotherm expands manufacturing capability to enable a new generation of high power LED designs

Thermal management specialist Cambridge Nanotherm today announced that it has built significant additional capability and capacity into its MCPCB manufacturing base to meet rising demand for its award winning thermal management solutions. The company has established partnerships...

Nanotherm launches 100um through-hole via technology

The technology development enhances Nanotherm DM’s position as the leading substrate choice for high-brightness LED packaging applications. Cambridge Nanotherm, a producer of innovative Nanoceramic thermal management technology for LEDs, has launched ‘Nanotherm DMTH‘...

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Lux Interview Special: Jed Dorsheimer

Our non-exec director, Jed Dorsheimer, is being interviewed by Lux Review on the 20th January. Sign up for the webinar here.

Thermal News: LEDs Come Clean

In recent years, LEDs have transmogrified from simple indicator lights on electronic devices to the light source of choice in many consumer, horticultural and industrial applications. This growth then poses the question “what’s next for LEDs”? Predictions by several...

LEDs Magazine: LED thermal management – Predict and measure performance

When you work with LEDs day in, day out, it’s all too easy to forget that LEDs and their close cousin, the solid-state laser, are actually quite wondrous. Think about it: You can connect these tiny devices up to a battery and they produce light, and not just one type of...

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