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Applications: Nanotherm LC takes the heat out of urban farming

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Case Study: Nanotherm LC - at the heart of Lighthouse LED lighting

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Analysis: Cost and Performance of Thermal Management Solutions for High Power LEDs

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White Paper: High Efficiency UV LED Enabled by Next Generation Substrates

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LIA tests show Nanotherm LC runs up to 47° cooler than competing solutions

Cambridge Nanotherm produces the industry’s most efficient thermal management technology for LED applications and high powered electronics. A patented electro-chemical oxidation (ECO) process creates a super-thin ceramic layer on the surface of aluminium to form a nanoceramic dielectric with ultra-high thermal conductivity.

This nanoceramic dielectric can be applied as thin as 10µm – many times thinner than conventional dielectrics. The combination of the thinnest dielectric layer in the industry with the highest thermal conductivity yields the lowest thermal resistance of any Metal Clad PCB (MCPCB) substrate.



Nanotherm launches 100um through-hole via technology

The technology development enhances Nanotherm DM’s position as the leading substrate choice for high-brightness LED packaging applications. Cambridge Nanotherm, a producer of innovative Nanoceramic thermal management technology for LEDs, has launched ‘Nanotherm DMTH‘...

Cambridge Nanotherm appoints LED expert Jed Dorsheimer to board of directors

Cambridge Nanotherm, producer of innovative nanoceramic thermal management technology, today announces the appointment of solid-state lighting expert Jed Dorsheimer to the company’s board of directors. Dorsheimer’s role as Managing Director of Equity Research, Display and...

Cambridge Nanotherm to present at Strategies in Light, Santa Clara

Cambridge Nanotherm, a producer of innovative thermal management technology and winner of “LED Lighting Product of the Year” at the 2015 Elektra Awards, will be presenting at the Strategies in Light show in Santa Clara (which runs from 1st – 3rd March). Dr Giles Humpston,...

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LED Journal: The LEDs They Are a-Changin’

LEDs have been around a surprisingly long time. Science project curiosities appeared in the swinging 60′s, and then a decade later the first mass-produced and affordable devices became commercially available. Monochrome LEDs are now manufactured in wavelengths that span the deep...

EDN Network: Measurement basics in LED thermal management

A successful LED design needs a balance of form and function to be a desirable luminaire with the right lumen output. Sounds simple enough, but these two requirements are often in conflict. When form trumps function, LEDs that are usually mounted onto a metal-clad PCB (MCPCB) as...

LED Journal: LEDS, Light, Smoke and Sound

LEDs and tungsten filament bulbs have two things in common. First, they convert electricity into light.  While neither technology is particularly good at this task, LEDs do at least manage to achieve around 40 percent electrical-to-optical conversion efficiency compared with...

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