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Applications: Nanotherm DMS addresses the unique thermal challenges of UV LEDs

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Applications: Nanotherm LC takes the heat out of urban farming

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Case Study: Nanotherm LC - at the heart of Lighthouse LED lighting

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Analysis: Cost and Performance of Thermal Management Solutions for High Power LEDs

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White Paper: High Efficiency UV LED Enabled by Next Generation Substrates

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LIA tests show Nanotherm LC runs up to 47° cooler than competing solutions

Cambridge Nanotherm produces the industry’s most efficient thermal management technology for LED applications and high powered electronics. A patented electro-chemical oxidation (ECO) process creates a super-thin ceramic layer on the surface of aluminium to form a nanoceramic dielectric with ultra-high thermal conductivity.

This nanoceramic dielectric can be applied as thin as 10µm – many times thinner than conventional dielectrics. The combination of the thinnest dielectric layer in the industry with the highest thermal conductivity yields the lowest thermal resistance of any Metal Clad PCB (MCPCB) substrate.



Cambridge Nanotherm partners with Inabata for global sales and distribution

Partnership with Japanese distribution giant brings significant sales and distribution channel to thermal management specialists Inabata on track to bring Nanotherm’s unique thermal management solution to a wide range of global markets Cambridge Nanotherm, producer of innovative...

Cambridge Nanotherm launches Nanotherm DMS for UV LED applications

Thermal management innovator Cambridge Nanotherm today announces the launch of Nanotherm DMS, a unique Direct Metallised Single-sided thermal management solution that addresses the challenges created by UV LED modules. Ultraviolet (UV) light has key applications for curing resins...

Nanotherm presenting at LED Professional Symposium

Our roving applications manager, Dr Giles Humpston, will be presenting a paper called: “Thermal Management for Chip-Scale Packaged Lighting Modules” at the LED Professional Symposium in Bregenz, Austria, disusing the opportunities and thermal challenges presented by...

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Electronics Weekly | More heat than light for UVC LEDs

The old saying about an argument generating ‘more heat than light’ also sums up the thermal challenge in the growing market for UVC LEDs being used to disinfect medical instruments, water and other everyday consumer products, writes John Cafferkey of Cambridge Nanotherm. Read the...

EPDT | Why thermal management is key to ensuring the success of UVC LED disinfection

LEDs are changing our understanding of how we can use light. In horticulture, LED lighting is transforming tower blocks and basements into urban farms, enabling farmers to produce food in the heart of our cities and towns. In local government, LEDs are driving down the cost and...

LEDs Magazine | Examine the heated question of chip-scale packaging in the LED industry

The primary reason LEDs are sold as a packaged product is to protect the fragile bare die from damage. Standardized packaging also makes it far easier for manufacturers to work with LEDs on production lines. However, there is another consideration: LEDs are only around 40%...

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