UL LogoWhen you need high thermal performance at low cost, you need a NANOTHERM® MCPCB or IMS material.  Even our most basic MCPCB materials offer breakthrough performance; our more advanced substrates rival the most expensive ceramics in thermal performance, but without the complexity of processing, the fragility – or the cost.  Choose between:

  • NANOTHERM-LC, the industry’s highest performance IMS / MCPCB substrate
  • NANOTHERM-DM, a fully inorganic substrate with performance rivalling high end ceramics



Our Nanotherm-LC material has a very short thermal path from the source – a semiconductor devices soldered to the copper surface – to the heatsink.  This makes it the premier solution for cooling high power electronic circuits, such as high brightness LED lighting and LED packaging, or power devices such as MOSFET or IGBTs.

Nanotherm-LC is fabricated from a sheet of NCA – “Nano-Ceramic Aluminium”.  This is a sheet of aluminium where the top surface has been converted to nano-ceramic – a material which is extremely thermally conductive, but which stops electricity in its tracks.

A layer of copper is then bonded to the NCA using an ultra-thin layer of adhesive (typically only 4µm), creating a circuit layer.  The completed substrate can be processed using standard PCB processing techniques. It is essentially a higher performance replacement to traditional MCPCB or IMS materials, and as a result of the nano-ceramic process, can be extremely cost effective.

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Sometimes, the performance of the world’s most efficient MCPCB material just isn’t enough.  Traditionally, there’s a massive step to expensive ceramics, with high NRE charges and expensive components.  No longer.

NANOTHERM-DM offers the performance of Aluminium Nitride in a PCB format, and with an MCPCB/IMS price tag.  It is a fully inorganic material, replacing the ultra-thin adhesives of the NANOTHERM-LC construction with a direct bond.  This brings the composite thermal conductivity close to that of the aluminium core alone, while retaining excellent breakdown voltages.

NANOTHERM-DM is sampling to lead customers and will be on more general release later this year.  The beta program is still open – if you wish early access, please contact us for consideration – use the “Contact Us” form to apply for the beta program, or just to ensure that you stay informed.

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